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    Be part of something very special.

    Join our Yacht Club to help create the “World’s Largest Virtual Yacht Club” and you not only will make history, but you could also be chosen to be in our feature comedy motion picture, “Yacht Club”. We will be selecting members to have speaking parts and hundreds of extras to star in a film that highlights all of the fun that surrounds the activities at a typical Yacht Club.

    Become a member now and follow the entire process. The events leading up to the final selection will be filmed for the possibility of a television reality show on a major network. Everyone can participate and no boat ownership is required, no acting experience is necessary, there are no age restrictions, no size, shape or background restrictions.

    So, if you want to have fun, you will want to join our club and have the opportunity to chase a dream.


    Participation in The Yacht Club
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    Once you become a member, you can participate in the process even if you do not want to audition for a part in the film. This is an independent film that is being produced and therefore we can utilize the many talents of our members to help make it a Box Office success and hopefully a “Yachtie” phenomenon.

    Join today and participate in the following ways:
    *Send us your best boating story
    *Send us your funniest boating joke
    *Send us your original song that has a boating theme
    *Send us your original song lyrics with a boating theme
    *Send us your favorite recipe that you serve on your boat
    *Send us your favorite cocktail recipe that you make for your guests while on board
    *Send us something that you would like us to add to our apparel line that every “Yachtie” would love to showoff wearing.